Evan is a playwright.

“Evan Horwitz writes witty and bold works that are stupendously funny and fantastically serious. His story-telling pours out brazen and giddy and deceptively well-crafted. He tempts you; teases you; surprises you. His work transports you to somewhere unexpected and undeniable. And as he arcs you through twists and turns––he'll break your heart, and you'll enjoy it. You'll even be grateful.” —Deborah Salem Smith

He is the recipient of the 2019 David Wickham Playwriting Award, presented a writer “who defies convention, with an innate, unusual and risk-taking talent for writing”.

The Plays

Anne Frank Live at the Plaza!

A full-length solo performance piece about Anne Frank, Eloise, and Liza Minnelli. It is a hilarious and provocative exploration of the queer child, literary heroines, diva worship, and bad sex. Part memoir, part history lesson, part book report, part stand up-comedy, it pushes against the limits of good taste and asks questions about family, love, death, fame, and growing up queer in a time when gay subculture began to disappear.

Premiered at the Granoff Center at Brown as part of the Brown/Trinity Recital Series in 2019.

Partial Totality

A solar eclipse party on a cheese farm just north of Kansas City. When the sun goes dark, what comes to light? There are secrets. There are lies. There is sex. There is secret sex full of lies. There’s a lot of bourbon. There’s a lot of Fleetwood Mac. There are a lot of confused sheep.

Workshopped at the Brown/Trinity Playwrights’ Lab in 2019.

Tapio Wirkkala Pleasure Cruise

Tapio Wirkkala is the most famous Finnish glassware designer of the 20th century. He’s also a ghost. On a boat. With two couples who all teach at Yale and have coffee table books they’ve never read about 20th century Finnish glassware design. Tapio’s having none of it.

In Development


Widow 39

Not going to tell you about these, but they’re really good.